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 more on clsid file

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PostSubject: more on clsid file   4/12/2012, 22:21

At thie site:

I did find this bit of information:
Quote :
What Georgi Guninski discovered was that a CLSID appended to an otherwise innocuous .TXT extension doesn't show up in Windows Explorer, even with "Hide file extensions for known file types" turned off. Guninski provides a proof-of-concept file on his site called TESTHTA.TXT. The file is actually an HTML Application (HTA) file, with a full file name TESTHTA.TXT.{3050F4D8-98B5-11CF-BB82-00AA00BDCE0B}. The number in brackets is the CLSID, but it is not displayed in Windows Explorer under normal circumstances. Double-click on it and it will execute, not as a text file, but in whatever way the CLSID tells it to. Windows still knows what it is though. List the file in Windows Explorer using the View > Details option, and Windows Explorer will report the file in the Type column as an "HTML Application." When set to Details mode, Windows Explorer knows that testhta.txt is not an ordinary .TXT file.] Right-clicking on the file and selecting Properties yields the same results.

I don't know how to find a file with a clsid extension to test the above.

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more on clsid file
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