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 location tab

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Royal Geek
Royal Geek

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PostSubject: location tab   5/11/2012, 20:55

Some of my errors in the backup were due to system folders - the backup has a way to exclude system folders so I did that.

Another problem was due to shortcuts - I excluded those and that helped.

While looking at this problem - I discovered soemthing Idid not know about

If I go to windows explorer and drill down to c:\users\(the user) - there is a MY Documents folder - If I right click on it and select properties - there is a location tab. that point to Documents instead of MY Docyments.
In explorer - you can not see a folder named Documents jut the MY Documents one. But if I got to DOS and liat the driectory I see Documents instead of My docuemtns - urrgthhhh -just soemthing else I did not lnow about. ON the backup screen it shows Documents.

Urghhh - just something else I did not know about.

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Site Administrator
Site Administrator

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PostSubject: Re: location tab   5/13/2012, 15:42

I see that and I don't understand why they did it this way - Documents and My Documents are the same folder. If you look in the left column of Windows Explorer under Libraries, you'll find the Documents folder there, and if you right-click on it and select properties, you'll see that it points to the My Documents folder under User. That's just the way it is under Windows 7 - don't know why.

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location tab
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