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 Hospital equipment security at rish

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PostSubject: Hospital equipment security at rish   5/20/2009, 13:05

The conflicker bot net has found an unlikely home in hospital equipment that is connected to the internet. FDA rules require a 90 day notice before any software changes can be made to equipment, (such as MRI's) leading to the problem of unpatched IE browser security within the communications abilities of the equipment.


This trojan has now been estimated to have a bot backbone of over 50, 000 systems in the US alone. This, coupled with it's ability to hide from detection scans and prevent security updates, makes it practically unstoppable. It has also given fuel to many "scam" scanners that will "find" the trojan whether it is there or not, leading to the purchase of useless removal tools. This is possibly the impetus for the trojan's implementation, which hasn't been fully determined as yet. Users who purchase the phony removal tools then feel secure and tend to avoid further "real" security measures, compounding the problem.
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Hospital equipment security at rish
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