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 Pre-loaded software on new computer

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PostSubject: Pre-loaded software on new computer   4/20/2010, 14:58

I mentioned in another thread that a lot of new computers, particularly HP, often come pre-loaded with crapware and sometimes spyware from 3rd party vendors that pay companies like Dell, HP, etc. to load their stuff on new computers so they can get advertising information from how you use your computer. In a pm, Fay asked me about this:

Quote :
When you have time go ahead and tell me some of the things to look for that I might want to get rid of.

When I go to games - there are a lot of games that show up, but when I click on some of them, it indicates they are from Wild Tangent and I need to activate them. I want to keep the regular windows games but I am not sure I want the wild tagent ones.

Here's a list of things to check for. As always, make sure you have a new restore point in case something goes wrong:

1. Wild Tangent is definitely one of the pre-loads with spyware piggy-backed onto their games. Wild Tangent should be removed from Add/Remove Programs, and I also advise deleting any and all references to Wild Tangent found in the Registry.

2. I would remove any other games you find in Add/Remove Programs except those that come with the operating system itself (like Freecell, Hearts, Internet Backgammon, Internet Checkers, Internet Hearts, Internet Spades, Minesweeper, Pinball, Solitare, Spider Solitare are all safe and come with the operating system) unless you research the game(s) and determine for yourself that it is a safe game to leave on your computer.

3. Look in Add/Remove Programs for the below programs and uninstall them if found:

* MyWay or MyWay Search Assistant
* Viewpoint Manager (Remove Only)
* Viewpoint Media Player
* Viewpoint Toolbar
* Viewpoint Toolbar (Remove Only)

A very complete list of bad software, spyware and malware to look for in Add/Remove Programs is found here:


but on a new computer, hopefully you will only find the ones I listed above, if those, or perhaps one or 2 more.

4. You might want to take a look at this tool and give it a try:


It's pre-Windows 7, but if it will run on your computer, it will give you a list of stuff it identifies as crapware and you can choose from the list what you want to uninstall. I'd uninstall manually from Add/Remove Programs any that you do choose, if you decide to use the tool.

5. Finally, look through all your Add/Remove Programs yourself, and for any program that you aren't sure why you need it, google it and do research to determine what it does and why it might or might not be something needed. If you're not sure about a program, leave it be unless you can identify that it is specifically causing you problems.

To optimize your computer performance check out stickies # 14, 11 and 4 in the Tutorials and check out the following link:


There's a lot of good stuff at this link. Note that some things may not apply to Windows 7 at this website.

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PostSubject: Re: Pre-loaded software on new computer   4/20/2010, 15:44


I did not find anything with MYWAY or VIEWPOINT.

I downloaded the tool. About all it found that I knew I did not want was the games and I had it get rid of those. I checked the register for WILD and didn't find anything for Wild Tangent. I had never activated any of the games. I might have liked some of them but I do remember a Wild Tangent game causing me troulbe in the past and don't want to risk it.

I guess I'll deal with other stuff as I come accrocs them.

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Pre-loaded software on new computer
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