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 Mozilla Firefox

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Royal Geek
Royal Geek

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PostSubject: Mozilla Firefox   5/1/2010, 18:08

Ever since Ihave started accessing the home pages for my demonstration job Firefox after I close it and need to use the internet will get a pop up that says Firefox is already running to open a new you will need to close the current window or restart your computer. THis can happen right after or 3 hours later. I haven't had this happen before. It might just be coincidental that it started or there may be something to it. Just is a pain. I am restarting my computer a lot or quickly using IE which doesn't have any of my favorites (on purpose) or quick links.

As far as I know I have the most recent Firefox.
Ran all my spyware, antivirus tools and they found nothing.

Any suggestions?
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Royal Geek
Royal Geek

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PostSubject: Re: Mozilla Firefox   5/1/2010, 19:22

Hi Angleface1961,
to save you rebooting you should be able to kill Firefox process by opening up Task Manager & highlighting Firefox and killing that process(click on end process).The shortcut for task manager is ctlr-alt-delete.
This doesn't fix anything as I don't know what the problem is but at least it will save time in rebooting.
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Site Administrator
Site Administrator

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PostSubject: Re: Mozilla Firefox   5/1/2010, 20:04

When did this start? Did you update to Firefox 3 and that's when it started, or did you add anything new, like a 3rd party firewall, or anything like that? The problem appears to be with Firefox 3 and apparently is not a problem in firefox 2. I am running version and have no problems with it - I think because Firefox 3 was giving me problems and I reverted back, but not the problem you are describing.

There are a number of potential causes and proposed solutions here:


If none of the proposed solutions there works for you, let me know.

If you can't solve your problem and you still have the setup executable for Firefox 2, you may want to uninstall Firefox 3 and install Firefox 2. If you get to that point, but don't have the executable, I can send you version in a zip file and I think you can still update that to - but not sure.

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PostSubject: Re: Mozilla Firefox   

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Mozilla Firefox
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