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 Battery Backup - UPS

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Battery Backup - UPS Empty
PostSubject: Battery Backup - UPS   Battery Backup - UPS Empty2/28/2016, 18:14


This is more hardware related so I do not know if you can answer.  Just thought I would check with you to see if you have an opinion.

I have my computer  and monitor plugged into a UPS.  Due partly to where I have the router and  modem located,  I had them plugged into a second older UPS.

The router and modem were plugged into a APS  UPS  ES 650 unit that  I bought in September of 2007.   I initially used in for my computer and monitor.   In April of 2012 I bought a new one for my computer , monitor and  printer (with printer plugged into a surge only outlet).  I then  plugged my modem and router into the older UPS.

The older unit is  over  8 years old.  I think either the battery or the unit itself is dead. Right now the modem and router are just plugged into a surge protector strip.   I am thinking I would be better off going ahead and getting a new smaller UPS for the modem and router rather than trying to get a battery for the old unit.  
(I am not even sure about replacing the battery)

I just curious as to what you think - get a new unit or a new battery.  


If I decided to get a new one for router and modem, I am looking at this one

It is only 2 prong -which my current router and  modem are 2 prong.  Just do not  know it hat applies to all of them ,  when I have to get another , will it likely be 2 prong.

I think I will go ahead and order the one I posted above. Not sure if it is the right thing or not, but it appears to have pretty good revies bor the mostpart - and is APC, so , it think it should be ok.

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Battery Backup - UPS
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