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 Avast in Safe Mode

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Royal Geek
Royal Geek

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PostSubject: Avast in Safe Mode   11/29/2010, 23:53

Repa, when scanning in safe mode recently I got this notification about avast, and I thought I had a screenshot of it, but, when I loked in My Pictures, it was not there. I wrote it down the other day just in case.

Here's what it said: It read in large red letters, when I tried to open Avast in safe mode, UNSECURED, on the right side was FIX NOW, button, and when I clicked it, nothing happened because in safe mode I assume. But, it said: Please use the Fix Now button to start protecting your system.

And, down below this is what it said: Urgent: Avast! service stopped. Big red buton with white "X" in it says The Avast! antivirus program has been stopped, or is in an inconsistent state. Please re-start the program to resume protecting your system.

Like I said clicking the buttons in Safe mode was to no avail. And, when my mouse is hovered over the Avast ball in my systems tray, it says, "Your system is secured".

Perhaps you can tell me what is going on with Avast in safe mode, and what do I need to do?

And, I don't know why the screenshot did not work?

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Site Administrator
Site Administrator

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PostSubject: Re: Avast in Safe Mode   11/30/2010, 02:16

That's perfectly normal in safe mode, WC. Avast's real-time shields won't work in safe mode and that's why you got the warning. It's also why you couldn't "fix" it. You can still do a scan - that will work. Don't know why you didn't get a screen shot unless you didn't process it and save in before rebooting. If you reboot without doing that, the screen shot is gone.

If you ever get the same results in normal mode, that isn't normal and you will likely have to reinstall Avast. That did happen to me once, and "fix" didn't fix it.

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Avast in Safe Mode
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