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 What Anti-Virus Program should I Use?

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PostSubject: What Anti-Virus Program should I Use?   10/9/2008, 14:19

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Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2008 12:24 pm Post subject: What Anti-Virus Program should I Use? · Quote · Edit · Delete · IP


I'm using Norton anti virus and it's about to expire...I have three options...

Buy Norton ...

Download one of the free on line that some of you use here...and which of those are the best?

Charter has a free suite they offer... http://charter.net/security/

I've look over this and I'm not sure if this might be better than the free on line anti virus software...It has a firewall and so many other things that look good to me...Repa when you have time would you check this out for me? I've spoken to Jane and she has Comcast and the security suite they offer her is free also...She is quite pleased with it..It's McAfee and Charter has F-Secure...I know you said not to use it because another member had problems with their free suite...

I've already made a file on my C drive and named it downloads...
I've gotten this far but will have to Uninstall Norton before I proceed to the next steps...

I usually just hit run and let the computer do the work for downloads...So to Save is new to me...Also is this supposed to be done while I'm on line..?
If now how do I get off line if I'm downloading something from the Internet?

My thoughts...get rid of Norton..but I'll be with out an anti virus until I get to this link above for F-Secure...so I'll have to be on line for a little while to install...weather it's F-Secure or Avg...or what ever of the two free ones you use...I'm thinking a zip file on my desktop?

I also have a paid version of Spy Sweeper by Webroot...should I disable it while I download...It usually pops up and asks me if I want this install? Which is sort of annoying while I'm trying to download but I guess it's doing its job...

I'm just trying to ask before I proceed...It's a little scary doing something I've never done before..

I guess that about sums it up...

Thank You,

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Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2008 4:22 pm Post subject: · Quote · Edit · Delete · IP


An Anti-Virus product is a necessity. Do not connect to the internet without one. I advocate the use of free programs whenever possible. Two very good and easy-to-use free AV programs are:

AVG : http://free.grisoft.com/doc/5390/lng/us/tpl/v5

Avast: http://www.avast.com/eng/download-avast-home.html

These are much preferable to F-Secure as F-Secure is a resource hog and may also conflict with your Spy Sweeper since it also has an Anti-Spyware component. There are better free firewalls than the one in F-Secure’s suite of programs, but if you have a router installed (and I hope you do by now), I find that Windows Firewall coupled with a good external firewall (i.e., a router like Linksys) is sufficient if you practice safe surfing and have installed the other tools mentioned in Sticky #3 in the Tutorials forum. If you still want to get a software firewall to use in place of Windows Firewall, even with a router, I would try Comodo. You can download it at:


You can choose Save or Run when you download files – your choice. But it isn’t a good idea to install another anti-virus program while Norton is running. That’s why I prefer to do installations offline rather than from the internet. That’s why I download the files. If anything goes wrong with the installation or things don’t seem to be working right, the setup file is there to use again without having to download a second time. They are .exe files, so if you download the files, you just click on the .exe file to run the setup wizard. Once you are satisfied that everything is running ok, you can delete the downloaded setup program. Also, downloading the file allows you to scan it before opening the file. The programs and links we recommend here have been tested and are trusted, but being super cautious, I scan them anyway.

Set whichever program(s) you choose to receive automatic updates so you are always as fully protected as possible from the newest virus threats. Which is best? I have both AVG and Avast. AVG is on Granny’s compute and Avast is on mine. Both work well, but I am partial to Avast because it has more resident protection features. If you decide to download and install Comodo, be sure you disable Windows Firewall after you get it installed. Again, Windows Firewall coupled with an external firewall (router) should be sufficient protection.

About deleting Norton:

1. Do so after downloading whatever programs you intend to install. You don’t want Norton running while you are trying to install another Anti-virus program. That’s also why I would prefer to download and Save the file as opposed to choosing Run and installing it while online.

2. To uninstall Norton, first set a restore point and then follow the directions given here:


The one thing he tells you to do in that link that I would not do is to remove any Symantec folder found in the C:\Program Files\Common Files folder. The files in the Symantec folder here are shared with other applications. You can remove any of the other Symanteec folders found elsewhere, but I'd leave this one alone. I had Norton on Granny’s computer 4 years ago, and when I deleted that folder and rebooted, the system became unstable and I couldn’t get into Normal Mode and had to do a Restore from Safe Mode. The shared Symantec folder(s) in the Common Files folder is just that – other applications that are apparently necessary to the stability of your system use some of the files in that folder. So, I’d leave the Symantec folder(s) in Common Files alone, and everything should be fine.

Note: You could also follow the link he provides to the tool Norton provides for removing its products if you are nervous about following his manual instructions. He does caution that the tool doesn't always work as designed, so be cautious if you do use it - setting a restore point before proceeding is a must!

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What Anti-Virus Program should I Use?
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