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 50 Million Computer Users could lose their data this week

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PostSubject: 50 Million Computer Users could lose their data this week   1/30/2012, 17:51

Interesting article about Megaupload. This could happen to any online backup and storage service. Might make you think twice about using this kind of service. I use an external hard drive to back up all files and images of my internal hard drives.


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Royal Geek
Royal Geek

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PostSubject: Re: 50 Million Computer Users could lose their data this week   1/30/2012, 19:11

I have a couple of external drives I back up my stuff to. Haven't yet decided to trust the online backups. But then if my house gets destroyed, maybe I'll wish I had. oh well

Have a friend that has a laptop that she does her checkbook on. She doesn't do any backup at all and really doesn't know how. She is coming over for her birthday in a couple of weeks. I got a small thumb drive to give her. I'll show her how to save her spreadsheet to it. Will try to keep it pretty simple or she will get frustrated. Right now if her hard drive crashes, she will lose it all. I have talked to her about backups before but she hasn't done anything She was gong to ask her husband about it, but sometimes she hates to ask him because he gets frustrated with her if she has to ask multiple times. I have never even mentioned to her about online backups. I have show her my external drives, but I think this little jump drive will work for her at least now.

Sometimes I get a little lax about doing the backups. I do not have them scheduled, I don't like things automatically running. But, I have to get better about dong them.


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50 Million Computer Users could lose their data this week
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